MagHelix™ Zebrafish Disease Model Generation

Zebrafish has been widely used as an ideal model to find genes involved in specific processes and/or check the activity of a desired gene in a specific process. Over the last decade, it has also been developed into a valuable system for the study and modeling of various human diseases, as well as the discovery of relevant drug candidates. The development and functionality of zebrafish organs are essentially similar to those of humans; and the ease of genetic modifications has further facilitated the generation of disease models in the zebrafish system. Fish and humans share high functional similarities in a group of genes involved in physiological processes. The zebrafish model plays an important role in the understanding of human disease pathogenesis and ultimately the discovery of new therapeutic agents for a wide range of human diseases.

Forward and reverse genetics approaches to generate zebrafish disease models.  Figure 1. Forward and reverse genetics approaches to generate zebrafish disease models. (Santoriello C.; et al. 2012)

Creative Biostructure provides expertise in transgenic manipulation in zebrafish model for human disease modeling and validation, as well as targeted drug screenings. With previously acquired knowledge, a powerful genome editing technology has been developed based on our zebrafish screening platform.

Our Disease Model Generation Services include:

  • Null mutant:
  • A complete knock out line will be generated by disrupting the coding frame.

  • Custom mutant:
  • The desired coding modification will be introduced to generate a genetic version mimicking a human polymorphism.

Advantages of our Disease Model Generation services:

  • Our aim is to generate, validate, and use of selected zebrafish disease models for novel drug discovery or other applications.
  • We have established an advanced zebrafish platform to support disease modeling and in vivo drug screening.
  • With outstanding expertise and an experienced team of scientists, we have the ability to generate targeted zebrafish models to accelerate the research of a wide range of scientific topics.
  • The scientists in our drug discovery team customize the solution according to the project requirements, follow up the procedure, and are responsible for interpreting the results.
  • We strictly keep the project information and experimental data confidential.

Creative Biostructure can model diseases in the zebrafish, providing a convenient and powerful platform in which genetic and/or chemical suppressors and/or enhancers of the disease phenotype can be identified and studied.


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