MagHelix™ HTS Assay Development

High-throughput screening (HTS) remains the key approach for finding hits and leads in the field of drug discovery. As the number of compounds available for screening has increased dramatically, industrialization and automation of the process have improved the ability to deal with larger numbers of compounds. Creative Biostructure provides high-quality custom MagHelix™ HTS assay development services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries. We can start from a specific target/cell line or assist an ongoing lead discovery programs based on the requirements of our customers.

In general, the quality of an assay is defined by the robustness and reproducibility of this signal in the absence of any test compounds or in the presence of inactive compounds. The quality of the HTS is then defined by the behavior of this assay system when screened against a series of compounds. Assay development for HTS can be roughly characterized as cell-free or cell-based in nature. The aim of assay development is to transfer the assay parameters to a new format, thereby enhancing dynamic range, sensitivity, signal intensity, or stability of the assay.

MagHelix™ HTS Assay DevelopmentFigure 1. Assay development cycle.

An assay consists of three general steps:

  • The identification step discriminates the analyte from the background noise by targeting its specific properties.
  • The amplification step translates the quantity or presence of the discriminated analyte into a detectable signal.
  • The amplified signal is detected and converted into a comprehensible output.

Creative Biostructure is capable of developing and executing high-throughput biochemical/cell-based screening assays for a variety of targets such as receptors, enzymes, and other proteins. We support the development of a wide range of detection methods, including but not limited to, standard plate reader assays, radioactivity, flow cytometry, electrochemiluminescence, fluorescence, mass spectrometry, imaging, etc. Utilizing our technical expertise in cell biology, molecular biology, and analytical chemistry, Creative Biostructure can also work with customers to design and develop novel assays. Our seasoned scientists are able to transfer the assays into HTS approaches. All assay procedures, specifications, and results can be precisely documented for our customers.

Advantages of our MagHelix™ HTS Assay Development services:

  • Following some crucial standards that an HTS assay must fulfill, such as robustness, reliability, easy operation, and controllable costs
  • Continual optimization and validation of methods that meet key criteria
  • Standard plate reader assays, mass spectrometry, flow cytometry, and other specialized technologies
  • Many years of experience in transferring, optimizing and validating customized assays

As a contract service provider in the field of drug discovery, Creative Biostructure offers HTS assay development services for the biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries. Our professional scientists are confident to provide high-quality services to global customers at competitive prices.

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